The rivers Beane and Mimram – two precious chalk streams under threat. They need our help.

Get involved Welcome to the website of the Beane and Mimram catchment partnership, and the home of the Beane/Mimram Catchment Management Plan. Our Catchment Plan will improve these rivers for wildlife and for people. It will also help us to meet the UK's obligations under the Water Framework Directive.

We will be working to improve four main aspects of the Beane and Mimram:

Wildlife sightingsAs well as the Catchment Management Plan, you'll find background information on the rivers, latest news, media coverage and details of upcoming events.

There are suggestions about how and where you can visit the Beane and Mimram, and a list of recent wildlife sightings.

There is also a Beane and Mimram gallery where we will upload pictures you send of the catchments, and you can view those taken by other people.

Catchment areas of the Beane and Mimram Rivers

Latest news and updates

1/11/14 News:

Fish Survery at Singlers Marsh.

On 8th October 2014, a fish survey was carried out at Singlers Marsh on The Mimram. The survey was conducted by Herts and North London Fisheries Team from the Environment Agency, and yielded some interesting results.


23/10/14 News:

Let There Be Light...

Work to reduce the shading caused by tree coverage at Whitwell has now been completed, as well as the erection of a new fence to help wildlife flourish on this stretch of The Mimram.


23/09/2014 News

Phase 2 works underway at Waterford Marsh

Riverbank repair, footpath reinstatement and creation of new ponds - it's all happening at Waterford Marsh.